Secret 101

      Years ago, I have a friend, a brother and a buddy, a couple of years younger but he’s mature, responsible, thoughtful and caring, and not so gentleman (it is because he is an igorot?, that’s what people say). He has humor too that makes the dull moment lively, the lambing that makes the bad tember away and his gift to music that made him handsome (kasi hindi siya talaga gwapo :)) and most of all a God-fearing person that will make you trust him. Some good and a little deep relationship has been developed between us that we never noticed, we spend so much time together; he waits patiently out my workplace, he always sends a message, we love both music and we have this particular song that we really love it, and he really make time to spend with me during special days. I love those times…

one of his notes....

one of his notes…. the content remains a secret 🙂

     But when things are getting so serious between us, voila! I backed-out, I guess I’m not yet ready for commitment that time and that I’m into my career and young by that time. He made a letter to wait for me but God has called him already into marriage, he is now happily married to a very lovely woman.

     I guess the right person is just out there in God’s time… 🙂

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